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Terms and Conditions

  1. Your legal rights with the car dealer or the car manufacturer are not altered in any way when you buy a car through joining group on You can exercise your right as a customer both with the dealer as well as the manufacturer just as you would have done if you had not bought the car through
  2. In no way whatsoever will, or the company running this website Supreme Point of Light Pvt Ltd, be responsible for any claims or promises by dealers or manufacturers. In addition to this, in no way whatsoever will, or the company running this website Supreme Point of Light Pvt Ltd, be accountable for any defects in cars that you may discover or for any harassment or unkept promises by any finance company/bank through which you are arranging finance for your car.
  3. The time period (window) for which registration will remain open for different car group on may keep varying. For example, we may form a new group for Maruti’s Alto every 20 days in 2016, but we may start new groups for Maruti Alto every 8 days in 2017. It depends on the response each car group is getting.
  4. No registrations are required on for getting discounts under the Spot Offers section and hence you do not need to pay any money to for availing Spot Offers. Registration in only required for joining a group where the registration fee will apply.
  5. Once you have decided to avail the discount that we may get for you, you may have to wait for two days to four weeks to get the exact variant and exact colour of the car that you want.
  6. The cars under Spot Offers are available only till stocks last. may take 1-2 days for removing spot offers for a particular car after it comes to know from the dealer that the car on which the dealer was offering discount has been sold out. The removal of these cars from our website does not take place on real-time basis.
Your joining a car group does not authorize you to get discounts for sure. We will try for discounts but may not be able to get any discount for various reasons like group size being too small. In such cases, we will dissolve the group and return all the money we have collected by way of registration.

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