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How It Works

Step 1.

Various people from Delhi NCR and even other cities come together on to form a group to buy a particular car, lets say, Maruti Alto. Groups for all cars are available on for joining.

Step 2.

After a group is formed, will go to car manufacturers and dealers to negotiate for maximum discount on behalf of the group. The larger the group, the larger would be the discount.

Step 3.

Manufacturers and dealers communicate the maximum discount they can offer to, after looking at the group size.

Step 4.

The same discount is then communicated by to the group members who can then decide whether they want the discount or not. Those group members who want that discount, will facilitate car purchases for those group members with the dealer who offers maximum discount. Those group members who do not like that discount, or for whatever reason do not wish to buy the car, will be refunded the the registration fees of Rs 1000.

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