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Supolight FAQ

How can I join a group without letting know which variant and colour I want? will negotiate for maximum discounts with the manufacturers and dealers for a particular car and not for exact variants. For example, will negotiate for Maruti Alto and not for LXI or VXI variant or even white of blue colour. After the discount is communicated to the group members, they can let know the exact variants and colours.

How long will I have to wait after joining a group to know the discount I can get?

It depends on the brand and the particular model. But generally, the registration for each will remain open for about 24-25 days and then it will be shut. Then new groups will start for each of the cars that we have.

What if I pay Rs 1000 as registration and then don’t like the discount I get. Can I get my Rs 1000 back?

Yes. You will get a refund of Rs 1000 if you don’t buy the car through

Will I get a refund of Rs 1000 if I buy the car through

No. You will not get a refund if you buy the car through

Will I have to buy accessories from the same dealer from whom I am buying the car if I go through


Does joining change my legal rights with the manufacturer or the dealer?

No. Your legal status and relationship with the manufacturer of your car or the dealer does not alter at all if you buy the car through

If I want to buy a car two months from now, Should I join a group on right away? strongly discourages any such member in the group. Such people can join the group close to when they wish to buy

If I dont live in Delhi NCR, can I still join?

Yes. But the registration of the vehicle may not be done by the dealer in your city. You may have to make your own arrangements for taking the vehicle to your city and get the registration done.

Can I join on someone else’s behalf?

No. The exact name and contact number of the buyer is required at the time of registration. However, the registration fee can be paid by someone else’s account also.

How big the group should be?

The bigger the better. There is no limit to the group size that is keeping.

What are 'Spot Offers' on Are the cars under 'Spot Offers' used cars?

The cars under the Spot Offers section are brand new cars lying in showrooms since 2015. They are basically unsold stock of car dealers. The dealers are willing to give a discount on these cars since these cars are with them for some time.

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