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8 Important Winter Car Care Tips

A little bit of care for your cars in the winters will not only increase the life and performance of your car but also save you from lot of trouble. Very little time is required to make sure your car runs in perfect condition in the cold and foggy winters.
Some of the most essentials points are mentioned in detail:

1.Fog Lamps
Fog brings down the visibility in winter months and can cause serious accidents both in city driving as well as highway tarvel. Most of the top end variants of cars in India have fog lamps as standard fitment but the ones that do not have the fog lamps must be fitted with this necessary lighting. A good pair of fog lamps can me bought from the market and can be fitted at minimal cost. There are quite a few options available out there in the market.

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2.Body of Your Car
The body of your car is made of metal and is prone to rusting. Winter air has  more moisture. Water-repelling coats and waxes are available in the market which should be applied after a careful analysis of the car body so as to keep the body rust free. This will increase the life of the body as well as the paint on top of it. It takes little time to do it and you can do it yourself rather than going to a mechanic or to a workshop. If fact, it should be done more meticulously in rainy season. But winter period is also very important for this purpose.

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The battery sitting inside the bonnet of your car takes a heavy beating in the winter. This is because the chemical reactions which hold the electric charge in your batteries slow down quite a bit in the cold season. Thus, the batteries have to labour twice as hard in the winter season to hold the charge. A simple visit to a nearby workshop or mechanic for a battery checkup is sufficient. The mechanic will just check the terminals and joints of the battery for any loose connection or sparks.

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4.Rubber Seals
Rubber seal on the doors and windows are also prone for damage and cracking in winter months. They can become brittle or weak and chilled air can escape inside your car. The rubber seals should be given a thorough check up to see if there is any damage or not. Timely prevention will not only save you from cold weather by way of cold air getting inside but also will improve the life of the doors and windows.

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5.Engine Oil
Engine oil is also an important area. Winter months can slow the flow of oil into the engine. Poor quality or quantity of engine oil can seriously damage the engine. There are many grades and types of engine oil in the market. Some flow more into the engine while others do not. Go with the one that your car manufacturer has recommended for your car.

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6. Tyres
Proper care and attention should be given to tyres, especially in the winters. Some places witness snowfall in and people in such areas should choose the correct tyre for the same. Please go by the recommendation of your car manufacturer for the snow tyres. There are a few accessories available for vehicles in snow affected areas. Getting them is important for your safety and the safety of your loved ones who travel with you in the car. Maintaining appropriate tyre pressure is important to get right grip and traction from road. Avoid cheap or low-cost tyres as they can lose grip during cold weather conditions.

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7.Air Vents
Fogging and blinding of the front windshield is very common in winter season, especially in the northern part of India. The air vents close to the front windshield should be properly checked and cleansed to make sure that the air flowing through them is even and proper. This can be done by the local mechanic or the authorised service center at minimal cost. Not keeping the air vents clean can prove to be extremely costly.

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Wipers especially play an important role in the chilly season. Ensuring that fog, moisture or dust are not there while driving during winter as it can be very dangerous. Good condition of the wipers will keep the visibility high which is of paramount importance in winters. Not to forget the rear wipers which are equally important. Nowadays, there are special wipers available in the market that can withstand the heat that is produced by continuous friction of the wiper blade and the car windscreen. 

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