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Five Exclusive cars and SUVs you can buy in India

1 Fiat Abarth Punto
The Fiat Abarth Punto is equipped with a manual gearbox, a hydraulic power-assisted steering and a stable 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine. These factors not only make the car unique but also rank the car as one of the driver-oriented and driver friendly hatch. This Fiat offering has its own styling and a balancing that’s an envy for other car manufacturers. It has been a favourite for those car buyers who look for precision and power.

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2 Ford EcoSport EcoBoost
This SUV from Ford’s stable is not only one of the first sub-four-meter SUVs to be launched in India but it is also one of the first vehicles to be offered with a turbocharged petrol engine. Equipped with  ‘EcoBoost’ engine, this Ford SUV is the only vehicle in the compact and sub-compact SUV space to be offered with a turbo-petrol engine. And while you are off-roading with it, you will realize it can maneuver on bad roads without troubling you.

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3 Volvo S60 Cross Country
Volvo turned another leaf with the launch of this car in India. Its as exciting as a SUV but nevertheless also packs the punch of a sedan. It has a noteworthy ground clearance of 201 mm. Volvo enthusiasts cant have a better choice if they are looking for cross at this price which is quite competitive.

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4 MINI Convertible
Ever since its launch, the MINI has been an eye candy for everyone. MINI Convertible sells for about Rs 35 lakh ex-showroom. And given the fact that it offers the space of a regular MINI and also the fact that it has superb road-handling ability. The car price is quite justifiable. It is thrilling for the driver and as it maneuvers the road like no other. Grabs quite a few eyeballs on the road too. And here comes the most unique one.

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5 DC Avanti
This car is as exclusive as it can get. This sportscar is available at select places in India and is strapped with a 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine. Its style in unmatched and has definitely has the looks and presence of a supercar. Priced at Rs 36 lakhs, it cannot be called expensive for the kind of beast it is.

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