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Top 6 SUV launches planned for 2017 under Rs 20 lakh

The year 2017 is expected to be terribly exciting for the SUV space. There are a number of SUVs that are to be launched in the sub Rs 20 lakh bracket. For comparatively new brands, the challenge will be to compete against established car makers. Many SUVs have been launched in the compact SUV segment which has seen lot of action and stiff competition of late. Here is a look at the Top 6 SUV that are to be launched in India in 2017:

Honda WR-V
The Japanese automobile maker has been toying with the idea of compact SUV that would be based on its Jazz hatchback. This will mark Honda's entry in compact SUV segment. This SUV is expected to share transmission and engine options with that of Jazz. In Jazz, 1.2-litre petrol engine puts out 88 hp of power & 110 Nm of torque. The i-DTEC diesel engine sports an all-aluminium engine capable of producing 99 hp of power & 200 Nm torque.
The compact SUV segment has been well received by Indians and is a fast growing category. Hence Honda's WR-V may turn out to be a good option in this segment.
Anticipated Price Bracket : Rs 9.5 lakh to Rs 15.5 lakh
Anticipated Launch Time: Late 2017

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Renault Kaptur
The Koleos SUV made its debut in India in 2011 but failed to set the market on fire. The SUV did not attract too many buyers because of the design and the price tag of Rs 25 lakh. Now Renault is planning to enter the premium SUV segment, by launching the Kaptur. This SUV is  on the lines of Captur sold in European markets. But it will also have a fair bit of newness in India. 
The Kaptur will be launched with all wheel drive version post its debut in India. It will be powered by 1.5-litre dCi (diesel) engine. It would be mated to a 6-speed MT (manual transmission), quite similar to the arrangement seen with the Duster AWD.
Anticipated Price Bracket : Rs 10.5 lakh to Rs 14.5 lakh
Anticipated Launch Time: Middle of 2017

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Hyundai's SUV based on Elite i20 
Hyundai is developing production version on the lines of Hyundai Intrado Concept. This is anticipated to be unveiled at Geneva Motor Show of 2017. However, the car will make its debut in Australia. Down south, it would be powered by both 1.0 litre as well as 1.6 litre petrol engines. As far as India is concerned, this SUV is anticipated to share the transmission and engine option seen in Elite i20 and i20 Active cars.
Anticipated Price Bracket : Rs 7.5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh
Anticipated Launch Time: End of 2017

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Nissan Kicks 
Kicks will be all new global crossover that is to be launched in 80 counties. It was launched in Brazil in 2016 (August). In the Latin American country, Kicks got a 1.6-litre engine. It was a FlexFuel engine that can accommodate more than one option of fuel. In India, Kicks is anticipated to have its transmission and engine options in line with that of Terrano.
As far as the design is concerned, Kicks will get the company's hallmark four-side front grille. The top of the line variants will get contrasting colour options of roof from rest of the car. But unlike Terrano, Kicks is expected to get longer features list with touchscreen AVN or Audio and Navigation system. it will also have steering mounted control for phone operation as well as audio.
Anticipated Price Bracket: Rs 10.5 lakh to Rs 14.5 lakh
Anticipated Launch Time: End of 2017

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Facelifted Hyundai Creta 
The Korean car maker had showcased Creta face-lift during the 2016 Sao Paulo-Auto Show. This had some design alterations like the large hexagonal shape front grille and daytime running lamps. It also had LED head lamps, tail lamps. There will also be changes in the interior equipment.
As this is only the face-lift of existing Creta, transmission and engine specifications are expected to remain unchanged i.e. two petrol engines & one diesel engine that will be mated to a manual and automatic transmissions.
Anticipated Price Bracket: Rs 10.5 lakh to Rs 16.5 lakh
Anticipated Launch Time: Late 2017

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Jeep Renegade
Jeep has already the competitive Indian automobile market with flagship models- Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. Jeep announced at official launch of the products that a slew of news offerings would be introduced in more affordable price brackets and local production would also be started in 2017. Jeep has invested Rs 1,800 crore so far in India. One of the  awaited models is Jeep Renegade, which would be positioned in the compact SUV segment. This is expected to be locally assembled. Renegade will be powered by a range of diesel engines & will have manual and automatic transmissions. Specifications of Renegade are however awaited at this time.
The Renegade will give competition to upcoming Ford EcoSport, upcoming face-lift of Hyundai Creta and upcoming Renault Duster. To be aggressive in pricing, Jeep is expected to announce specifications that are matching, if not more.
Anticipated Price Bracket : Rs 9.5 lakh to Rs 17.5 lakh
Anticipated Launch Time: Middle of 2017

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