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About Us

Supreme Point of Light Pvt Ltd is the company that owns and runs The company was born out of passion to do something different and hence started demand aggregation through an online mode. The team behind the company believes in complete transparency and is committed to providing the very best to its clients

The company aims to bring together customers to harness the power of group buying so that its clients (group members) can take advantage of bulk-buying even if they are buying just one car, something that is not possible when they buy alone. The company is always looking to make this process smoother and more efficient.

This company is in regular touch with many cars dealers in Delhi and NCR and thus it is able to bring the best Spot offers and group discounts to its customers. Although group-buying is available on only for cars as of now, the company aims to brings many other products under its fold for this purpose.

The company is equally focussed on small cars as it is on large and expensive cars, thus all clients are treated with equal attention. This company will always keep a tight leash on quality standards of service delivery.

The team running the company has decades of experience in insurance, banking, manufacturing, IT and media fields. The team is very high on spirituality.

The company strongly believes in white money and discourages clients who use ill-gotten money to buy vehicles or anything else. At least don’t come to with your haram ka paisa.

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